I’m wise and I’m weak

But just half of these

I tried everything

I could

I left all my things

With the man at the back door

Leave us alone

All you fakers

We’re comin home

You can’t take us

It’s all a lie

And you and yours

Will mistake us

We start the fire

And all you want’s

To contain us

Don’t you tell me

That you’ve been here before

Winter’s coming

And there’s blood on the floor

Every footprint

Leads up to my door


You were on my bicycle bar

When we spotted

Venus and Mars

It was time to go

But it wasn’t over

We didn’t know it then

But we were lovers

Every time I drive by your car

Hopin hard that no one was there

I’m a jealous guy

And you’re a beauty

I’m a firefly

And I’m on duty

When you eyed my eye

I flew right to you

Sitting by your side

I know I knew you

But the time won’t fly

And it’s a cruelty

I’m a patient guy

But you can’t fool me

Now I ride with you

On my arm

And every violinist Is ours

I’m still a jealous guy

And you’re a beauty

I’m your firefly

And I’m on duty


I’m not racing

I’m pulsing

With paranoidal passion

I run

Cuz all my sores are open

And you might see them


For another


A more exciting


Standing by the window

In the sun

A breeze blows your guitar

Please don’t go too far

Please don’t go too far


I’m not hangin around

For the blessing of the Pope

Or the waxing of the Moon

Just you and you alone

Been to Hades and back

On a drunken jamboree

And a target so clear

The substance and the sum

We talk of the past

Things that we smashed

Of promise and poise

Of losing our voice

And what we want so bad

Can’t come too fast

For anyone under the screw

On the night I won it all

I kissed a fireball

Burned a bridge to my heart

But I won’t believe my eyes

Til I have you in my sight

Just the substance and the sum

meet Me

Your place or mine

Cuz it’s a mile between

And either way

We just don’t wanna be seen

We broke the code and hit the road

You stole the show

But I was cold

Til the moon was high and white

You told me what the silence said

And then I knew that I was dead

When you hit the candlelight

And on the back of every note

There was a note that told the truth

Said, “Meet me. Meet me tonight”

The Wire

You can be the wire

I will be the conduit

I will be the door

So that you can walk through it

I dropped my heart in the sand

You dug it out

With bare hands

And you told me that I shouldn’t swim

In water so savage and grim

On islands where everything’s dim

And covered me under your skin

I fell asleep on the beach

You broke my nose

I agreed

To follow the blood and the salt

Cash in and crawl to the fault

Where lightning had struck us so dumb

Where you put a prayer on my tongue

And in the wild

There’s a little less of it

Hands around my throat

I’m a sloppy terrorist

I break the silence with more of it

I wash my hands with the penitent

I cross the counties and continent

To find the wire

I’m desperate