If Jesus could wash my feet

I still wouldn’t have a hope in hell

Maybe for a spell

I’d hold the hem and cry

I guess we’ll watch the buildings burn

And in the dumpster afterward

A charismatic wanderer

Sleeps in the ash

Scratches his ass

Holds up a thumb

Squeezes a plum

And dives for the roof

Chips off a tooth

Finally getting wise

After many tries

He holds the hem and cries


Heaven alive

Hell of a time

There’s mud on the shoes

That bring me to you

Can’t fight a fire

With gasoline hands around

The hummingbird

Who feeds and dies

In highest style

Upside the head

A brick full of lead

I swore it was punk

But I was just drunk

On fear and soft cheese

The dilettante’s keys

To staying afloat

To simulate hope

You bring the sizzle

And I’ll bring the charm of my


Who feels your heat

Across the street


In every alley

There’s a hole for steppin in

A spade to turn

A bridge to burn

For every paying customer

But you

You want the wax and ball

A fire … walker after all

And the lion

Who sleeps tonight

Smells you

At first sight

He knows you’re homeless

An odor of the past

Keeps the flies around your head

Bugs the blankets on your bed

Ahh … homeless

In each and every way

We’re in the mix

Not for kicks

Call the heavens down

Sink the Californias and the house

We hammered to the ground

Hi avalon

If you sing a song

I’ll sing a song

With you

If you won’t say somethin

I won’t say somethin, too

When the chasm of


Cracks through

We won’t say somethin

Under this honeymoon

Farther along

If it is wrong

Leave it

Pee in a pot

Hit every mark

Bleed it

Sit in the fog

Let in the dog

Feed it

Crack up the car

See every heart


Yonder beyond

Over the pond

This Hi Avalon

This Hi Avalon

Is ours


I’m a snake, for all that it matters

I’m a rope in the cabaret moon

On the shoulder

Of the equinox

In the wild west of the heartland

I could drive a mustang or two

You are bolder

Than the equinox

For a holiday

Could we getaway

With the Caduceus

Be the Caduceus

On the equinox

The Cannery

The back and the spine

The harvest to hoop

The freedom to find

The pieces to move

The want, the language

The banner of a kingdom lost

I sent you a note

A pixel of me

A candle

A poke

A lock filigreed

With desperation

The dragon of a kerosene heart

Later on

The season gone

The final call

A turtle sprawl

Leave it on

I want it on

A peach to fry

A fish to pie

This whole cannery here

Is mine